Connecting Collections Conference: The top tweets

th Junem You might remember me blogging about a project I worked on called Show Me; an educational website that presented museum, gallery, archive and heritage site content for a schools audience. This website was part of a wider project called Connecting Collections, which you can read more about with Culture24.

On Monday 29th June, the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich played host to the first Connecting Collections Conference, and although I wasn’t able to make it there myself, I was able to follow the action on twitter using #CCConf2015.

The tweets provided lots of food for thought, from exploring how schools, culture and tech can intersect

Top tips were also a feature of the day. This one was my favourite

#SoTrue. There was also research being shared, like this paper from Arts Council about online resources.

Reassurance was also something we saw quite a bit of – your collections *are* relevant! And in more ways than you might think…


Some difficult home truths were shared…

As well as reminders that while all this shiny tech is fun to play with, we should look away from the screens and look at the real world.

There were also interesting perspectives shared, like this one from Daniel Martin from Derby Museums.

Daniel’s point about promoting dialogue is an important one, the conversation between a museum and the people who come and visit should be two-ways. Ali Hossaini ran with this theme of conversation…

And of course, this still needs to be sorted!


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Jack Shoulder

Currently working at Towner, Eastbourne as their Learning and Participation Assistant, as well as doing digital educational work with the British Museum and volunteering with Kids in Museums, Jack writes about museums and education. He has previously work at Culture24 as their Content Coordinator

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